How I’m Raising a Freethinker

As I co-parent with a Fundamentalist Christian

Photo by Marc Kleen on Unsplash

I realized I didn’t just want to raise an agnostic kid, I wanted to raise a freethinker.

I try to remember: There’s time.

I’ve allowed my son the freedom to think.

I talk about my beliefs — and I own them.

I admit I don’t know.

I answer his questions honestly — and ask what he thinks.

I try to model gratitude.

I seek adventure and exploration.

I model respect for other’s beliefs.

I admit I have changed my mind.

I remind my son he’s worthy, just as he is.

Agnostic. Cancer survivor. Divorce survivor. Proud single mom. Freelance designer + illustrator. Stubborn optimist. Finding my new path.

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