Very interesting to hear speak of this land of ‘real’ love. I grew up with what I know now was an ‘anxious attachment’ style. (Thanks, years of therapy!) I grew up thinking love = unpredictable. So the reprogramming it takes to see a partner that is stable and solid as ‘real,’ and not see the ‘boringness’ as boring, has been a real tricky thing for me. I am dating two very different people right now, and one is stable (boring) and the other I have the most fun with, but is not what I’d call stable. And yet, through it all after two failed marriages, I am liking having things this way. I have boring love inside of ME. I have found a new stability in my self, and how I love and care for myself. So, now these two very different and amazing-in-their-own-way men are just icing on the cake. I’m in no hurry to ‘figure it out’ and partner up.

Agnostic. Cancer survivor. Divorce survivor. Proud single mom. Freelance designer + illustrator. Stubborn optimist. Finding my new path.

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